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Hypnus grandly appeared at the European Respiratory Annual Meeting
release time:2019-10-01

  The five-day 29th European Respiratory Society Annual Conference was officially opened on September 28th in Madrid, Spain. This is the top international conference in the field of respiratory systems. Experts, scholars, medical staff and industry professionals from more than 100 countries attended the conference and exchanged and discussed the latest research results on respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), lung cancer and asthma.

      At this conference, Hypnus participated in the 8 serie and 7 series ventilators. This is the first time that Hypnus 8 serie has appeared in international academic conferences since its launch.

  In the venue, Hypnus 8 serie attracted the attention of many experts and scholars on the spot with exquisite design. They have become interested in this ventilator from China and have a live experience.

  After experiencing Hypnus 8 serie, a respiratory specialist from New Zealand said: Every year I will experience some respiratory medical products in ERS. In the past, medical devices from China were difficult to give me a bright feeling, but this year I feel Very pleasantly surprised, their new machine experience (and Pule) is very good, both human-computer synchronization and air leakage compensation have reached a very high level, which is very important for patients.