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O2FLO High Flow Heated Respiratory Humidifier
O2FLO Respiratory Unit
  • Standard Heated Humidification
    • Heated humidification during high flow oxygen therapy
    • Standard humidity maintained for different temperature settings

  • Easy Maintenance
    • Gas departs from disposable chamber. preventing pollution of the device.
    • No sterilization needed. maintenance work is largely reduced.
  • History Record
    • SD card to record user's information.
    • Traceable data for future use.
  • User Friendly
    • 2.8 inch LCD screen display for dear function display.
    • Universal power cord.
    • Comprehensive safety alarm system.
    • Lightweight and portable.
  • Adjustable Flow Setting And Temperature
    • Easily operated by buttons and rotating knob.
    • Support a wide flow rate ranged from 2-60 UMin.
    • Different temperature settings.31-34℃ for junior mode and 31-37℃ for adult mode.
  • Oxygen Supply
    • Oxygen can be supplied from an oxygen compressor or wall supply or oxygen cylinder.
    • Inbuilt ultrasonic O2 sensor.requires no calibration.service or replacement.
Package Content
  • O2FLO Host(1PC)
  • Heater Connection Cable(1 PC)
  • Temperature Probe (VUN-200)(1 PC)
  • Bracket Base(1 PC)
  • Filter(5x5 PCS)
  • Oxygen Tube(1 PC)
  • User Manual (1 PC)
  • Quick Guide(1 PC)
  • VUN-300 Connection Cable(1 PC)
The operation video
Helps you quickly learn how to use the O2FLO
Watch the film

product line High Flow Heated Respiratory Humidifier

Flow Rate Range 

Adult Mode 10~60L/min   

Pediatric Mode 2-25L/min

Dew Point 



Adult Mode 31-37℃(Accuracy±2℃)  


Pediatric Mode 31-34℃(Accuracy±2℃)

Oxygen Concentration 


21% - 100%(Accuracy±5%) 

Sound Pressure level

Alarms exceed 50dB(A)@1m  


>33mg/L @37℃   >12mg/L @ 31~36℃